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UkeySoft Screen Recorder Review: Is It Worth It?

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By Li ZhangUpdated on August 22, 2023

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To help you choose the best screen recorder to capture your screen on Mac and Windows, this UkeySoft Screen Recorder review will cover everything you want to know: features, pros & cons, prices, is it safe, is it the best? Is it worth it?

Screen Recorder play an important role in our life, like screen recording, screen capturing, video editing, etc,. No matter for creating educational materials, business presentations or personal usage, you may need to get the help of the a screen recorder. Some people asked for the best Screen Recorder to capture screen. Maybe you are one of them who are searching a practical screen recorder software online. Though you could find various of screen recorders on the Internet, most of them are not perfect enough. Selecting the best one depends on your needing. You shouldn’t just look at the features and prices, but also the complete review of them. If you want to get the best screen recorder, then this post is just for you.


Part 1. What is UkeySoft Screen Recorder

UkeySoft Screen Recorder is one of the highest-rated screen recorders, sitting in the friendly spot between price and functionality. It is a quick capture tool and a fully-featured editor. While this Screen Recorder may not be the most elaborate screen recording software on the market, its modest price makes it being a great option for people who don’t want to pay too much on screen recorder tool. Here is the introduction of the best UkeySoft Screen Recorder.

It is a powerful screen recorder and video editor for Windows and Mac, help you make tutorial for studying, capture video for business usage, record webcam videos, and finish more recording job. It is an all-in-one multi-functional screen recorder, enables to record screen with high quality. UkeySoft program features with capturing video with excellent video audio, allowing to select recorded screen area, various output formats supporting, capturing Snapshots, and editing functions. Besides, UkeySoft program is more than a screen recorder. It is capable of zooming in while recording, setting video quality, recording video and recording webcam at the same time, recording schedule, recording screen with watermarks.

Part 2. Top Features of UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Capture Screen with High Video Quality:
UkeySoft Screen Recorder record video only or record video with excellent video audio at the same time. You are allowed to select to record video with computer sounds alone, record video with microphone alone, or record video both computer sounds and microphone. Help you to save the screen recordings to different levels of output video quality, from lowest, high, to lossless. Thanks to UkeySoft program, you could record screen and record video with lossless audio quality.

Record Video with General Output Format:
UkeySoft Screen Recorder support many output formats. Recording videos with popular output formats: MP4, MOV, M4V, FLV, AVI. Video Toolbox support most video formats includes High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) H265. You could select any format for output files depend on your needs.

Capture Screen for Any Usages:
You could capture screen using UkeySoft Screen Recorder for any usages, like making tutorial for studying, capturing video for business use, recording gameplay video, recording meeting, recording webcam videos, recording schedule, capturing Snapshots, or any other personal usage. It will do a great help of your daily life.

Advanced Editing Function:
UkeySoft Screen Recorder allows users to edit output video with advanced editing function. Adjust speed, brightness, saturation, and contrast, grayscale; Change aspect ratio, volume; Crop Video, Rotate video; Picture In Picture; Add watermark to video; Add subtitle to video; Add music to video; remove watermark from video, etc,.

Part 3. How to Record Your Screen with UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Before recording screen, please download, install and run UkeySoft Screen Recorder on Windows/Mac computer.

Step 1: Choose Full Screen Mode

On the home page, you'll find five primary recording modes to choose from: Full Screen, Custom Area, App Window, Camera, and Audio Only. To capture the entire screen, select the left option labeled "Full Screen."

mac screen recorder

Step 2. Pick Audio Source

Click the sound icon to decide whether to record system sound, microphone audio, both, or no sound at all. Additionally, you can adjust the sound volume using the last settings option in the sound menu.

select audio record

Step 3. Capture Full Screen on Mac

After setting your audio input preference, click the red "REC" button on the right side to start recording the full screen on your Mac.

ready record mac screen

UkeySoft Screen Recorder will instantly start capturing your Mac's full screen in real-time.

recording mac screen

Step 4: Pause or Stop Recording

You can press the red "Pause" button to temporarily halt the recording or click the "End" button to finish the recording whenever you want. Alternatively, you can use the default hotkey (F9) to end the recording.

pause and record screen

Step 5: Review the Recorded File

Once the recording is done, the captured file will be saved in the history list accessible via the menu bar (three horizontal lines). You can play the recorded video or audio, and even delete it if you're not satisfied. For video editing on your Mac, we recommend using iMovie.

view recorded file

Part 4. What I Like/Not Like about UkeySoft Screen Recorder (Pros/Cons)

*Combine screen recording and video editing functions.
*Capture desktop activities.
*Create video tutorials/demonstration/presentations.
*Record screen and video with high audio quality.
*Record screen and video with general audio formats.
*Capture screen for any usages.
*Advanced editing functions.
*Allow to select screen recording area.
*Zoom in while recording.
*Allow to access recording history.
*Record screen with watermarks.
*Merge and trim video file.
*H264 encoder with GPU acceleration.
*No need of any programming skills.

*It is not free.
*Only support for computer not for mobile phone.

Part 5. Price & Compatibility

The product of UkeySoft Company is a home edition only for personal usage instead of commercial usage. Here are the price plans and compatibility of UkeySoft Screen Recorder. Once your order is successfully validated, the registration email will be sent to your email within 30 minutes. Welcome to contacts us via [email protected]. if you have any problems.

1-year License: $35 for for 1 PC/Mac, 1-year license, lifetime free upgrades.

Personal License: $59.95 for 1 PC/Mac, lifetime license, lifetime free upgrades.

Family License: $67.92 for 3 PC/Mac, lifetime license, lifetime free upgrades.

Part 6. Final Verdict

Actually, it depend on your needs and budget when you chose any screen recorder tools. If you are searching to a screen recorder to record screen or video frequently, this best UkeySoft Screen Recorder is your first choice. From this complete review, you can know that this program is used for both Windows and Mac. Various functions of UkeySoft program like output recorded files with high audio quality, selectable output format, recording area selecting, advanced editing functions and more make it being a powerful recording tool that you can't miss. It is suit for new beginner since it is not any programming skills required. Just download this program and test out if it is perfect enough as we show you.

Capture Your Screen on Mac
Li Zhang

Li Zhang

Li Zhang is a sophisticated editor for UkeySoft in tech blog writing, as well as a SEO and content marketing expert. She has been writing related article about multimedia conversion, streaming music and streaming video since 2018. Also, she's starting to write article about data security, including articles about file lock, USB encryption, DVD encryption, etc. Each helpful tutorial and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.


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