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How to Record Gameplay on PC

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By Justin SabrinaUpdated on September 01, 2021

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Wondering how to capture screen in a Gameplay without any difficulty? Here is a program called UkeySoft Screen Recorder helps you record Gameplay video with high-quality and no sound loss.

"I am a game anchor. I used to record my game tutorials with some free screen recorder programs accompanied by lower output video quality. Now I hope to find a better alternative, do you have any better suggestions about how to record gameplay on Window 10 with high quality?"

There are a variety of gameplay screen recorders on the market, such as Windows' built-in X-Box application and many free programs. Somehow these programs have problems, for example, you cannot customize the size of the recording screen; The audio is not synchronized with the screen, etc. Therefore, you need to use a professional screen recording tool with very powerful compatibility features without any restrictions. If you want to record everything without restrictions or problems and edit the recorded video arbitrarily, you can follow the guidelines below to learn how to record gameplay video on Window 10/8/7/XP/Vista using UkeySoft Screen Recorder.

UkeySoft Screen Recorder is an ideal video capture program that can record screen activities on Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP. You can record streaming videos from Youtube, Amazon, web conferences, etc. with full screen or custom recording area. Ukeysoft screen recorders also add editing video capabilities to users, allowing them to modify the recorded video according to their needs. So, what can this program do for you?

– Capture your activity in full screen or in a specific area.
– Record webcam or capturing screen together with webcam.
– Record online video and streaming video with high quality.
– Customize the video by choosing the recording area.
– Take a screenshot with hotkeys effortlessly.
– Powerful build-in video editor you can use to improve your captured video.
– Convert the recorded video to any video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. for playing on any devices.

How to Record Gameplay on PC Using UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download and Install UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Firstly, free download and install UkeySoft Screen Recorder on your computer. Launch it and you will gain into the program pop-up window and two functions modules can viewable - ”Screen Recorder” and “Video Toolbox”. The first one allows you record screen with high quality, and you can edit the recorded videos freely in Video Toolbox option. In this case, choose ”Screen Recorder” to start.

screen recorder

Step 2. Customize Recording Area

After entering the screen recording function, please select the recording area: Full Screen, User-Defined(custom recording area) or Camera@(record webcam).

Screen Display Settings

Step 3. Select Audio Input Channel

The program provides 4 types of audio recording channel: “Computer sounds and microphone”, “Computer sounds”, “Microphone” and “None”, please select the one you need. Generally, we advice you to record Gameplay video for select “Computer sounds and microphone” option which can save your voice and gameplay pictures in one channel.

select audio input method

Step 4. Setting Output File Format and Output Folder

Before recording, you are able to choose an video output formats including FLV, MP4, AVI and WMV. Click on "Video" in the top bar of the program and you will see the output menu where you can choose the output format and output folder in which to save the recorded video.

General Output Settings

Step 5. Change Recording Hotkeys

When recording starts, you'd better not move the mouse during the recording process. You can follow the default hotkey settings in the Hotkey option or change the hotkey you want as an alternative.

Change Shortcuts

Step 6.Start Recording Gameplay Video on PC

Make sure you have set up the above steps correctly, then click "Record" to start recording game video on your computer. Don't forget to save the recorded video file by clicking "Save" in the lower right corner.

record gameplay video on PC

Step 7. Preview and Edit the Recorded Video

Finally, you can preview the recorded Gameplay video. If you want to edit the recorded video more comprehensively, go back to the first step and select the “Video Toolbox” module to edit your video. It includes many features such as cutting, merging, cropping, cropping and rotating your recorded videos, and adding effects, music, watermarks and subtitles to the recorded videos.

Record Gameplay on PC
Justin Sabrina

Justin Sabrina

Justin Sabrina has over 10 years of content writing experience. She specializes in product reviews, how-to guides, tips and tricks, top lists, etc. on data encryption, multi-media conversion, screen recording and iOS unlocking. At UkeySoft, she performs in-depth research SEO copywriting and collaborates with our R & D team to offer effective software solution, most of her articles on software are helpful and easy to read, helping our reader easily solve problems through using software or apps.


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