Ukeysoft File Lock Mac File Lock

UkeySoft File Lock for Mac is an easy-to-use and ultra-secure Mac file hider tool to help you to hide and encrypt data on your Mac. To keep your information away from prying eyes, let’s learn how to hide and password protect your files, folders and documents on Mac by UkeySoft File Lock for Mac.


Part 1. Installation & Register

Step 1. Install UkeySoft File Lock for Mac

Click the Mac version download button to download the installation package of UkeySoft File Lock for Mac. Then follow the instructions to install UkeySoft File Lock for Mac on your Mac.

Step 2. Register UkeySoft File Lock for Mac

Tips: You can only hide files and folders on Mac with the free trial version. If you want to set a password to protect your personal information, files, folders and documents by this program, please buy the full version and register to get the full function. At first, purchase UkeySoft File Lock for Mac from our Store, we offer three types of license codes for users: 1-year Subscription, Personal License and Family License, no matter which version you have bought, we also supports Lifetime Free Upgrades. Once you received the email from UkeySoft, run the program. Now click on "Enter Registration Code..." to open the registration window.


Fill the input blanks with Activation Code to activate full version.


Part 2. Hide and Password Protect Your Files and Folders on Mac

Step 1. Run UkeySoft File Lock for Mac

Quickly hide and password-protect files and folders on your Mac computer, please launch the UkeySoft File Lock for Mac at first.


Step 2. Add Files or Folders to the List

UkeySoft File Lock for Mac can help you hide photos, videos, files, folders, documents, App installation package, App ico and more on Mac, please click the '+' button to add what you want to hiding to the list. In additional, you can also drag the files or folders to the list directly.

Add photo files to the list for hiding


Add video files to the list for hiding


Add all types of document to the list for hiding


Add apps to the list for hiding


Step 3. Select Files/Folders/Apps and Set as Invisible

Above steps, you have add the things what you want to hiding to the list of UkeySoft File Lock (Mac) program, then select the files or folders that you want to hide and set Invisible to hide them.


Step 4. Set a Password to Protect Them

If you want to keeps your data locked up and protected with password protection and lock the application with password, please choose 'Require Password' check box.


After setting a password to hide and protect the files from list, nobody gets into the app or your data without your password.


Part 3. Show the Hidden Files, Folders

Above steps, we have showed you how to hide files and files on Mac computer with the help of UkeySoft File Lock for Mac, if you want to show the hidden files and folders, please launching the UkeySoft File Lock for Mac again, then enter the password that you have setting before. After entering the main interface of the program, please select the file or folder you want to make visible, then set Visible, after then you can see the hidden files or folders.


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