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How to Keep iTunes Rental Movies Forever?

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By Justin SabrinaUpdated on September 01, 2021

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[Summary]:This is an instruction on how to remove the limitations from the iTunes rented movies and convert to unprotected videos such as MP4 so that you can keep iTunes Rentals forever.

All restrictions about iTunes movie rentals

iTunes Store provides many movies, TV shows and music videos and some of the movies are available for rental. For iTunes rental movies, you would be probably known its limitation on viewing period and devices as they are protected by Apple FairPlay DRM.

Movies rented by the iTunes Store are valid for 30 days. Whether you watch it or not, the rental will be removed from the iTunes library after 30 days.
If you start watching, you must complete them within 24 hours (in the US) and 48 hours (in other places).
Movies and TV shows on iTunes are available in two formats (HD 720p and HD 1080p) for rent.
You can only watch iTunes rentals on the device where they are downloaded. They can't be transferred.
You can only watch iTunes rental movie on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, PC and Mac.

Have you ever thought that you can crack these restrictions and keep iTunes rentals forever? What you need is this UkeySoft M4V Converter software which can remove the DRM protection and make iTunes movies permanently available for you on your computer or any device. It can be used to convert iTunes rented movies into unprotected videos like MP4, keeping 100% quality with lossless conversion and preserving all multilingual subtitles and audio tracks, Dolby 5.1 track, closed captions and audio descriptions. The program performs 30X faster conversion speed and converts a 1080P Full-HD movie to MP4, AVI, MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3G2, FLV and SWF. These converted iTunes movies are free-DRM protected and you can play the iTunes Rentals without time limitations and keep them longer as you like.

Easy Guide to Remove DRM and Keep Rented iTunes Movies Forever

Step 1. Launch TuneMobie M4V Converter Plus

Launch UkeySoft M4V Converter on your computer and iTunes will be automatically opened as well.

UkeySoft iTunes DRM removal

Step 2. Add iTunes Rental Movies

Click “Add Files” button to load your iTunes library. All your purchase and rentals will be listed as playlists in the left panel. Select one or multiple movies to add and click on “Add all” to add iTunes rental movies.

Add iTunes Rental Movies

Step 3. Set Subtitles and Audio Tracks

All subtitles and audio tracks come with rented movies will be preserved in output MP4 files by default. You can change these settings if you like.

select output tracks and subtitles

Step 4. Remove DRM and Convert iTunes Rentals to MP4

Simply click "Convert" button to start converting iTunes rentals to MP4. DRM protection will be stripped after conversion.

Convert iTunes movies M4V to MP4

After conversion, you can click "History" button to open output folder and copy output MP4 to any devices. Now you can save the converted iTunes rentals as long as you want on computer or Android phones and tablets.

get drm-free iTunes rental movies

Keep iTunes Rental Movies Forever
Justin Sabrina

Justin Sabrina

Justin Sabrina has over 10 years of content writing experience. She specializes in product reviews, how-to guides, tips and tricks, top lists, etc. on data encryption, multi-media conversion, screen recording and iOS unlocking. At UkeySoft, she performs in-depth research SEO copywriting and collaborates with our R & D team to offer effective software solution, most of her articles on software are helpful and easy to read, helping our reader easily solve problems through using software or apps.


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