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Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music (2024 Review)

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By Li ZhangUpdated on January 05, 2024

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Tidal or Amazon Music, which one should you choose? Here is a Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music all-in depth comparison. We will dive into the pricing plans, music libraries, music quality, availability and compatibility, and UI design of these two popular music apps to find out which one is best.

Whether you are playing, working, before sleep, washing, sporting, you may be need to listen to amazing music and feel better. Nowadays subscribing streaming music is the most popular way to enjoy music. Basically, you can pay for a limit time to get the music streaming service, enjoy music on authorized devices, like smartphone, tablet, and so on. Amazon Music and Tidal Music are two of the top streaming music services, but which should you choose? Amazon Music vs. Tidal: which music service wins?

Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music

It is hard to decide which one is the best music streaming platform. If you have no idea, you can take a look at this post. To help you enjoy music freely and get better music experience, here we will make a comparison between Amazon Music and Tidal. Besides, we will give your extra bonus to download Amazon Music, Tidal to MP3 for offline playback everywhere!


Part 1. Amazon Music or Tidal: Side-by-side Comparison

Here's is a full comparison between Amazon Music and Tidal music, including pricing plans, music library, music quality, availability and compatibility, and UI design.

Ⅰ. Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music: Price Plan

When choosing a music streaming app, most people first consider the fee. Both Amazon Music and Tidal Music are subscription-based streaming music services. Suffice it to say, both the two platform offer services at reasonable rates. Amazon Music gets more credit for proving customer with excellent discount offer. On the other hand, these two platform offer discounts for students, first responder, and soldier. Check the details of price plan below.

Price & Plan Amazon Music Tidal
Free Plan Yes, ad-supported tiers, and Prime Music is free for Prime members Yes, ad-supported tiers
Individual Plan ● Music Unlimited: $8.99/month for Prime member;
● $10.99/month for non-Prime member
● $9.99/mon for HiFi plan;
● $19.99/mon for HiFi Plus
Student Plan $5.99/mon for Music Unlimited ● $4.99/mon for HiFi plan;
● $9.99/mon for HiFi Plus
Family Plan $15.99/month, up to 6 accounts/devices. ● Family HiFI ($14.99/month);
● Family HiFi Plus ($29.99/month), up to 6 accounts.
First-Responder Plan No $5.99/month
Military Plan No ● Yes, Military HiFi - $5.99/mon;
● Military HiFi Plus - $11.99/mon
Single-Device Plan Yes, $4.99/month, enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited on one single Echo device or Fire TV No

A brief summary: Amazon Music HD vs Tidal

Tidal HiFi
● Free Trial: 30 days
● Standard Plan: 9.99 dollars/month
● Family Plan: 14.99 dollars/month
● Student Plan: 4.99 dollars/month
● First Responder Plan: 5.99 dollars/month
● Soldier Plan: 5.99 dollars/month

Amazon Music HD
● Free Trial: 30 days
● Standard Plan: 14.99 dollars/month
● Family Plan: 17.99 dollars/month

Winner: Tidal

Ⅱ. Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music: Music Library

Amazon Started its streaming music on September 25, 2007, while Tidal music was originally started on October 28, 2014. Given that Amazon Muisc released seven years before Tidal, you might think it would have the bigger music library. Yes, that is the truth. Amazon Music allows users to access over 100 million songs and podcasts. Tidal has a catalog of more than 90 million songs from around the world. What's more, Tidal has a special section for videos, up to 450,000 videos. Both of these two services aim to offer users a comprehensive catalogue of music to enjoy.

Winner: Amazon Music

Ⅲ. Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music: Audio Quality

For music enthusiasts, there is no doubt that audio quality is the most important factor in choosing a music streaming subscription. With an Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to music in five audio qualities, including SD, HD (CD-quality, up to 850 kbps), Ultra HD (better than CD-quality audio at 3730 kbps), Dolby Atmos, or 360 reality Audio. Tidal also provides high-quality music for different tiers. Tidal Free only lets you stream music in low quality, up to 160kbps, while Tidal HiFi and HiFi Plus allows to listen to music with HiFi sound quality (up to 1411kbps), or even better (Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio for HiFi Plus).

tidal music quality

In the audio format, Tidal offers encrypted FLAC format, Amazon Music Unlimited give lossless audio in two quality ranges: HD and Ultra HD, both of which are encoded by the lossless FLAC codec. In comparison, both Amazon Music and Tidal Music have a definite advantage on audio quality, since most of the other streaming services enable Standard Definition with a bitrate up to 320 kbps. From real user's feedback, the audio quality of Tidal HiFi is better then Amazon. On the other hand, the audio quality of Amazon Music HD will be fallen apart when it is a weaker Internet connection around. Amazon Music HD vs. Tidal HiFi, which is better for you?

Winner: Amazon Music

Ⅳ. Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music: Availability and Compatibility

Both Amazon Music and Tidal are compatible with iPhone, web, desktop, Apple TV, and Android devices. Certainly, it's also fully compatible with PCs and Macs via either of the web player or desktop app. When you are in poor network or bad signal, you can enjoy Tidal Music and Amazon Music offline by using its Android or iOS apps on a smartphone or a tablet. However, the Offline Mode is not available on desktop player.

What's more, Amazon music is compatible with many devices like part of the receivers and speakers, for instance, Alexa-enabled Echo devices (2nd generation and later), Fire tablets, Fire TVs, some in-car entertainment systems and so on. As for Tidal, it can be played on types of audio devices like Sonos, Bluesound, Smart TVs (Roku, Fire TV, Samsung TV), Apple Watch and more.

Winner: Draw

Ⅴ. Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music: Design

Amazon Music's UI design is a little less developed than other music apps. In contrast, Tidal's user interface is simple and easy to use. Both music platforms' mobile apps have a similar layout as well. The main navigation bar is located at the bottom of the screen and contains the Home, Library/Music Collection, and Find/Explore buttons.

Amazon Music has an extra Alexa button. You can ask Alexa to play a song, artist, album and any content you like, hands free!

amazon music mobile app

On Tidal, you may view various video contents at will.

tidal mobile app

In addition, Amazon Music and Tidal also have web player and desktop players. Both have a similar design, with a Search bar at the top right corner of the screen. You can quickly locate and search your favourite tracks, artists, albums and more.

Amazon Music Web Player

Winner: Tidal

Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music: At a glance


Amazon Music


Price Plan


Music Library


Audio Quality


Availability and Compatibility





Part 2. Amazon Music vs Tidal Music: Pros and Cons

Amazon Music is a hot music streaming service that allows customers to explore millions songs, provide with HD audio quality, you can enjoy different types of music through it.

Amazon Music

*It has a bigger music catalogue than other competitors.
*Smoothly and fast to access music.
*Affordable price.

*It doesn't provide video contents.

Tidal is one of the first streaming service provider with lossless audio and Hi-Fi master audio quality. However, it doesn't offer higher bit rates than Amazon Music HD, but its has numerous catalog.

Tidal Music

*Offer for Hi-Fi master audio quality
*Comes with a Hi-Res audio option.
*Comes with exclusive artist streams and live concerts.

*The price is expensive than Amazon Music.

That's the pros and cons about Amazon and Tidal, both of them provide extraordinary services for customer. If you are looking for enjoying music in highest audio quality, or you wanna stream video/concerts music contents you should choose Tidal.

Part 3. Bonus: Download Amazon Music & Tidal to MP3

No matter you wish to subscribe Amazon Music or Tidal Music, the music contents are encoded with Digital Rights Management to avoid unauthorized accessing without official platform/app. With a subscription account, users can download music from Amazon Music or Tidal to listen to offline. But the downloaded music files are just caches files, it will be grayed without music subscription. Besides, you can only access the music under authorized devices instead of playing it on any player or device. To get Amazon Music/Tidal music free download without subscription, and enjoy your music library without limits, you need to unlock DRM and convert Amazon Music, Tidal songs to MP3 audio files. Both UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter and UkeySoft Tidal Music Converter can help with that.

UkeySoft Tidal Music Converter offer a perfect way to download Tidal songs/albums/playlists to computer as local files, convert Tidal Music to MP3 and other general audio format, like M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC. Ukeysoft is able to convert Tidal Music with original audio quality, ID3 Tags and other information kept. This program has a built-in Tidal Music web player, it will not need to install Tidal during the conversion. After converting Tidal Music to MP3, you can offline playback Tidal Music on any player or device, even without Tidal official accessing.

*Download Tidal Music to computer
*Convert Tidal Music to MP3/M4A/AAC/WAV/AIFF/FLAC
*Keep original Hi-Fi audio quality in output files
*Built in Tidal music player
*Keep Tidal Music without subscription
*Offline playback Tidal Music on any player/device

Steps to Convert Tidal Music to MP3

Step 1. Run UkeySoft Program and Log in Tidal Account
To begin with, run UkeySoft Tidal Music Converter on the Windows or Mac computer, log in your Tidal account by clicking the “Log in” icon.

launch tidal music converter

It will not require to install Tidal official app in the whole process, since there is a built-in Tidal Music Web Player in Ukeysoft program. Tips: Our program will protect the all personal data of your Tidal account and promise you it will not be disclose.

Step 2. Set MP3 as Output Format
Set the format for output music files. UkeySoft program supports 6 types of output formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC. To convert Tidal Music to MP3, you should click "MP3" option.

customize output settings

You are allowed to customize and organize the parameters of output song as you like.

organize output songs

Step 3. Add Tidal Music
Click any album or playlist in the program with Tidal Music web player, select the music contents for converting to MP3. Open an album/playlist, tap the red Add button suspended on the right side in program, then it will present all songs in the album/playlist for you.

add target music to program

You can remove the default contents that you don't need.

select target tidal songs

Step 4. Convert Tidal Music to MP3
When all the steps above are done, click "Convert" button to begin to convert Tidal Music to MP3 without accessing Tidal Music official platform.

start to convert tidal songs

Once Tidal Music conversion completes, you can check the output MP3 Tidal Music by clicking the folder icon on the computer.

check output tidal songs

Now you have keep Tidal Music forever, you are freely to offline playback Tidal Music on any player or device without Tidal authorizing. Enjoy Tidal Music and get better music experience right now!

UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter enables you to download tracks, albums, artists, playlists and podcasts from Amazon Prime & Music Unlimited to your computer for offline listening. Another outstanding feature is its output quality and conversion speed. It helps you download and convert Amazon songs to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF at 10X higher speed. This converter comes with a built-in Amazon Music Web Player, so there is no need to use the Amazon Music app for the whole conversion process. Afterward, you can transfer the converted Amazon songs to any music devices for offline playback.

UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter

Amazon Music vs. Tidal Music
Li Zhang

Li Zhang

Li Zhang is a sophisticated editor for UkeySoft in tech blog writing, as well as a SEO and content marketing expert. She has been writing related article about multimedia conversion, streaming music and streaming video since 2018. Also, she's starting to write article about data security, including articles about file lock, USB encryption, DVD encryption, etc. Each helpful tutorial and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.


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