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How to Download Spotify Playlists to MP3 (2024 Guide)

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By Justin SabrinaUpdated on January 10, 2024

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Looking for a way to download Spotify playlist to MP3? In this article, we are going to introduce you 6 ways to download Spotify playlists to MP3 on Mac, PC, iPhone and Android phone, the easiest way to download Spotify playlists to mp3 format is to use UkeySoft Spotify to MP3 downloader to save Spotify music to your local computer as MP3 files.

Spotify is the most popular music streaming services, which offers over 80 million tracks for streaming on PC, Mac and mobile phone, Spotify Free users are able to listen to music online with ads, while Spotify Premium subscribers can download Spotify songs, playlist, albums and podcast for offline listening. If you want to enjoy Spotify music online or offline, you need to register a Spotify account and install the Spotify app on computer or mobile phone. Many Spotify users are looking for some tools to download Spotify music for offline listening. However, if you want want to download Spotify playlists to MP3, or converting Spotify playlist to MP3 format, it is actually not easy. Don't worry, here we list 5 effective methods for downloading Spotify playlists, please keep reading this article and find the the best answer and solution for you.

download spotify playlist to mp3

Fortunately, in this post, we’ll explore several ways to help you download Spotify music to MP3 on your computer or mobile phone. Many users might ask How to download Spotify playlist to MP3?, How to save Spotify playlist as MP3 files? Can I download my Spotify playlist to an MP3 player? As we all know that only Spotify Premium subscribers can download Spotify tracks, playlists and albums for offline playing in its app. However, these downloaded songs cannot be applied elsewhere. Sometimes, you may want to play Spotify music on MP3 player, transfer Spotify playlist to USB, burn Spotify playlist to CD, etc. If you are a Spotify Free users, you even refuse to stream Spotify songs for offline listening. Maybe a Spotify playlist downloader can solve the problem perfectly.

The easiest workaround is to download Spotify Playlist to MP3.

If you want to save Spotify playlist as local mp3 file, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is an easy and efficient Spotify music downloader that I use, and highly recommend to all Spotify users, even Spotify Free users can use this program to download and convert Spotify music to MP3 in high audio quality, you can flexibly enjoy your music on any device. I hope it'll help you as musch as it helped me for Spotify music to MP3 conversion.

Tip: The latest version of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter has a built-in Spotify web player, music streaming, downloading and converting tasks can be easily done at this one-stop program even without the Spotify app installed. In other words, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is the best Spotify app alternative.

How to Download Spotify Playlist Using Premium?

If you have subscribed Spotify Premium, you not only can stream unlimited high-quality music without any advertisement, but also can download any Spotify music(songs), playlist, albums and podcast for offline playback. To download playlist and songs with Spotify Premium account, you need to install the Spotify app on mobile phone or Spotify for desktop on your Windows/Mac computer.

How to Download Playlist from Spotify on PC/Mac with Premium Account

After installing the Spotify application on your computer, please sign in with your Spotify premium account. After that, you only can download playlists on the desktop. In addition, you are able to download podcasts or albums for offline listening in it's Spotify application.

Step 1. In the Spotify application, please find a Spotify playlist that you want to download.

launch Spotify application

Go to a Spotify playlist or album you need to download:

view Spotify playlist

Step 2. Just click the toggle "Download" button on the top right corner.

download Spotify playlist

Step 3. It will start downloading the playlist automatically.

Step 4. When the playlist download is completed, the Spotify application will display a “Downloaded” message.

download Spotify album

Step 5. Now, you're able to play all downloaded tracks of this playlist in the Spotify app.

Tips: For Spotify Premium users, you can select and download songs you need one by one in it's app.

download Spotify songs

Limitation: Even though you can download Spotify playlist and songs for offline listening by using a Premium account, all the downloaded comes with DRM protection, you will found that the downloaded Spotify songs are OGG format, you're not allowed to take downlods out of the Spotify application.

If you want to play Spotify playlist/albums on any devices, the best way is to download Spotify playlists to MP3, so that you can enjoy them without restriction. In this article, we will show you the great Spotify playlist downloader to help you download Spotify songs, playlists and albums to MP3 format, either free or Premium subscribers can download Spotify Music to MP3.


In general, most music apps and platforms allows users to create their own playlists based on their preferences. With a Spotify Free or Premium account, you can create a playlist on Spotify desktop or mobile app. Spotify playlists make it easy for users to find the favourite songs they want to listen. You not only can add your favourite music tracks to a playlist for playback or management, but also import your local music to a Spotify playlist for easy categorizing.

Moreover, Spotify creates weekly playlists based on artists you've listened to, similar artists, and similar genres to let you enjoy your music. And the "Discover Weekly" features a variety of new music every week, and auto-updates every Monday, so you'll always have something new to discover. If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can even download Spotify playlist on desktop or mobile, but can't save in .mp3 format.

Spotify has free and premium tiers, where Spotify’s free tier is completely free but comes with a few restrictions. With Spotify’s free tier, you can listen to 40 million songs, and can stream on smartphones, PCs, Smart TVs, PS3/PS4, Android devices, and Apple Carplay. But free users must endure advertising when streaming music. On mobile phones, users can only play music in shuffle mode and can only skip a certain amount of tracks per hour if you are using Spotify free account. A Spotify Premium subscription costs $9.99 a month, with student and family plans for $4.99 and $14.99 respectively. Everyone can try it for free for 30 days. After that, you can subscribe to the Spotify service based on the type of Premium account. Premium members will stream high-quality audio in an ad-free manner, and they can also download music for offline playback. Premium gives you a great lineup of features that lets you skip and download as many songs as possible, but that doesn't mean they really belong to you. If you cancel the Spotify premium subscription one day, all downloaded Spotify playlists will disappear and become unavailable because of Spotify's digital rights management, short for DRM.

To break the limitation and enjoy Spotify playlist anywhere you want, you need a Spotify playlist downloader tool. And the following we are going to show you a powerful Spotify playlist downloader in 2019 which will assist you to losslessly convert and download Spotify tracks/playlist/albums to DRM-free MP3 format, then you can use Spotify more efficiently.

Seeking a way to download Pandora playlist to MP3 and save songs from Pandora Music forever? UkeySoft Pandora Music Converter is all you need, which carries the best music converting core, able to download and convert Pandora songs, albums, playlist, podcasts to MP3/M4A/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF format at fast.

Best Spotify Playlist to MP3 Downloader Review

If you are looking for a professional Spotify playlist downloading tool, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is definitely the best choice for you. Whether you're using a Spotify Free account or a Premium account, this powerful Spotify Music Converter lets you download and convert Spotify music to MP3.

UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is a all-in-one Spotify downloader, converter and player that music lover need to own one. After launching the program, you can see the Spotify web player embedded in UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, just login your Spotify account, either Spotify Free account nor Spotify Premium account, you're able to quickly download Spotify songs, albums, playlists and podcasts for easy offline playback. To start downloading the playlist from Spotify, just head to the playlist/album you want to download and click "+" icon, then click the "Convert" button, the converter will download all tracks of this playlist/album. What's more, the converter also supports to convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, WAV and AIFF formats, so that you can offline listen to Spotify music on any popular MP3 player (including Apple iPods, Sony Walkman, PSP, etc.), without ads.

In addition, you can add as many songs as you want at once. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter supports batch conversion and it can run up to 10 times faster by default. The output MP3 file will retain the original ID3 tag, such as track title, number, artist, album, cover, etc. It makes your music library more convenient to organize. If necessary, you can also edit the quality of the output music by adjusting the bit rate, channel, sample rate, etc. The following are the full features of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter.

Features of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter:

  • Built-in Spotify Music web player and Music player.[New Feature]
  • Download songs, playlist, albums and podcast from Spotify free free.
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AIFF.
  • Keep lossless quality while downloading the songs.
  • Keep ID3 Tags and all metadata after conversion.
  • Convert Spotify playlist and albums at up to 10X speed.
  • Batch download as many songs&playlists as you like simultaneously.
  • Works alone, don't need to install Spotify app.
  • Perfectly compatible with macOS 13, Windows 11.

Trusted & Recommended by Media Sites

FixThePhoto1 2 3 4 5

"Compare with other brand of Spotify music downloader. It's been a great experience overall when using the UkeySoft Music Converter. All functions are user-friendly, a built-in Spotify web player and music manager in the program, it offers effortless solution to download Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC at fast speed in batch, users can download, convert and play Spotify trakcs with the help of this UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, it's very convenient."

Do you want to play all your purchased Audible Audiobooks on any MP3 player, iPod Nano, iRiver, Kindle and devices? UkeySoft Audible Converter can help Audible users easily convert AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC and more format with original quality, chapter and ID3 tags kept. The built-in splitting function supports to split large audiobook to small clips. So that you can freely listen to Audible audiobooks on any MP3 player, iPods, iRiver, Kindle, etc.

Overview of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter

Program Name

UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter



Supported OS

Windows: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP (64 bit)

Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

Spotify App

No, built-in Spotify Web Player & Music Player

Supported Language

English, Français, Japanese,Españo, Deutsch, Chinese

Paid Version

$14.95 for 1 PC/Mac, 1-Month Subscription

$59.95 for 1 PC/Mac, 1-Year Subscription

$79.95 for 1 PC/Mac, Lifetime License

Free version, Download the first 3 minutes of each music file

Free Trial Version

30 days free trial (Convert the first 3-minutes of each songs)


10X Conversion Speed

Input Formats

Spotify songs, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts

Output Formats


ID3 Tags

Yes, keep song title, cover, artist, album, artwork, genre, etc.

More About UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter

Free Spotify to MP3 Downloader
Spotify Free users do not have permission to download Spotify Music for offline listening. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, also called UkeySoft Spotify Playlist Downloader and Spotify to MP3 Downloader. With it, both Spotify Free and Premium users are able to download Spotify playlist to MP3 for free, without a Premium subscription.

Multiple Format Support
The UkeySoft software is designed to help users download and convert Spotify Music library to different audio formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AIFF. You can use it to download Spotify songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, etc,. to MP3 or other popuar formats to be compatible with all you devices.

No Quality Loss
The UkeySoft Spotify Downloader developer has put more effort into keeping the orginal sound quality of Spotify music. It is capable of downloading Spotify playlists to MP3 in 320kbps high bitrate (same as original Spotify music). Even Spotify Free users are able to download Spotify in 320kbps high quality!

Keep Spotify ID3 Tags
The software preserves the ID3 tags and metadata information of Spotify Music tracks during the download process, such as Spotify song title, cover, album, artist, genre, comment, etc. So you don't have to worry about losing any Spotify Music tags.

Manage Your Library
It simplifies the management of your Spotify Music library. For example, it allows you to rename the output Spotify songs as you want, or organize the output songs, playlists or other Spotify content by artist or album. Also, it lets you customize the audio quality like birtate, sample rate, etc.

Built-in Spotify Web Player
Unlike other Spotify downloader software in the market, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter comes with a built-in Spotify web player, which means you don't need to install the Spotify desktop client. You can download music & playlist from Spotify to MP3 on any computer.

Fast Processing
With new design and improvements, UkeySoft Spotify Downloader now runs 10 times faster. Also, without the need for the Spotify desktop app, you can add Spotify playlists directly to the program from the web player for batch download, which also saves you a lot of time!

Offline Listening
By downloading Spotify playlists to MP3, you will be able to save Spotify songs on your local drive forever and enjoy your favorite Spotify Music in offline mode without paying Premium service fees. Even better, you can move it to any device and player, such as MP3 player, iPod Nano, Sony Walkman, smartphone, tablet, USB disk, PSP, Zune, etc.

Part 2: How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 on Windows & Mac

In the following sections, we'll walk you through the detailed steps to download playlists and albums from Spotify to MP3 on Windows in a few steps. Before getting started, make sure that you have Spotify application installed, no matter it is desktop application, nor the Windows store version of Spotify. This UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter handles it perfectly. If you are using a Mac computer, don't worry, the steps are similar.

Preparation Tools:

  • A computer running Mac OS or Windows OS
  • A Spotify account - Free or Premium account
  • UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter

Guide: How to Download Spotify Songs (Music) & Playlist as MP3

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter
After downloading, install and launch UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter on your computer. Then, please login your Spotify account, either you're using Premium or Free account.

ukeysoft spotify music converer interface

The UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter allows you free download the first three minutes of each Spotify songs, you can get the full version to download Spotify songs, albums and playlist to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, you can save Spotify songs permanently.

After login your Spotify account, you're able to access, discover, play and download over 80 million tracks, either Spotify Premium nor Free users can use this program to download playlist from Spotify.

access spotify playlist

Step 2. Choose MP3 as Output Format
The default output format is M4A. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter also supports download Spotify playlist as MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and AIFF format, you can click "Setting" option to change output format or output folder if you need.

choose output format

In addition, you are able to change bitrate, samplerate according to your needs.

change bitrate, samplerate

Step 3. Add Spotify Playlist to Download
After logging in your Spotify account, you can access and play as many as Spotify tracks you want, please go to a playlist or album that you want to download, then click "Add" icon to add songs to list.

add spotify songs

Step 4. Select Spotify Music
The added songs will be listed in a new window, the program will automatically analyze and detect all songs contained in the album or playlist. Here you can view song names, time and artist information, then please select songs you want to download and uncheck the songs you don't need to finish selecting songs.

slect music to download

Step 5. Download and Convert Spotify Playlists to MP3
Hit "Convert" button start converting Spotify tracks to MP3 with the default 10x conversion speed, you could get the converted Spotify songs in a short time.

downloading spotify dongs to MP3

After conversion, you can now easily find the well-downloaded MP3 files in the folder you set before.

spotify music mp3 format

Step 6. Play Spotify Songs/Playlist Offline
Click "History" option, all downloaded songs sort by date, artists and albums, you can directly play those downloaded music in the program offline. Or, you can also enjoy the Spotify Music on all of your device offline, such as car players, iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and MP3 players, etc.

play spotify music offline

TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is another great alternative Spotify Playlist to MP3 Downloader, it can help you quickly download Spotify songs, playlist, albums, podcast and radio to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC, the output quality is great and lossless.

spotify playlist to mp3 converter

Part 3: Record Spotify Playlist as MP3

To get MP3 files from Spotify playlist, you can try the UkeySoft Screen Recorder. UkeySoft Screen Recorder is a awesome screen audio & video recorder which lets you record music, albums, playlist, videos, clips from Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more websites to MP3, WAV, M4A popular formats with high quality.

Guide: How to Record Spotify Playlist as MP3 Files?

Step 1. Select Audio Recording Mode
In the first step, download, install and run UkeySoft Screen Recorder for Mac on Mac. To record Spotify playlist to MP3, please click "Audio Only" function on the home page of program.

select audio mode

Step 2. Select Input Audio Settings
There are 4 option for adjust input sound, including "System Audio", "Micphone", "System & Mic", "None". Before recording audio, you should set the suitable input audio settings depend on your needs. To record Spotify Music as MP3, you could select "System Audio" option.

select input audio

Step 3. Select Output Audio Format
To set the output audio format, please click the "Setting" icon, the program will pop up a new window.

click setting

There are three options for selection, including MP3, WAV or M4A. In this case choose "MP3" option.

select mp3 as output format

Step 4. Record Spotify to MP3
Click the left right "REC" button to begin recording Spotify Music as MP3 with high audio quality.

click rec to record

Tips: You could click the red “Pause” record button to interrupt the audio recording, or click the red “End” record button to end the recording at anytime.

pause or end recording

Step 5. View and Play Recorded Spotify File
When the audio recording is done, it will be save to the folder of your computer. Click menu bar (three horizontal) on the bottom left, it will present all recorded audio files for you.

recorded history list

Now, you can play the recorded MP3 Spotify Music with audio player, you can also use iMovie to edit it as you like.

play recorded audio

Tips: UkeySoft Screen Recorder will record the Spotify playlist as MP3 files. When finished, they will be permanently saved on your local drive.

Part 4: How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 on Android & iPhone

It is very convenient to download Spotify playlist to MP3 with free account on your computer using a third-party app. However, both UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter and Screen Recorder are not available on mobile devices. Here comes the question: Can you download Spotify Playlists to MP3 on your phone? The answer is positive.

Method 1: Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 on iPhone/iPad

For iOS users, you may want to know if is possible to download Spotify song or playlist to MP3 for free. The answer is positive. You can try the Siri Shortcuts. But it can only download 30 songs, and no more than 5 songs at a time. Moreover, you need to allow untrusted shortcuts in the shortcut settings before installation.

How to Free Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 on iPhone?
Step 1. Download and install the Shortcuts App (Spotify Playlist Downloader) on your iPhone (running iOS 13 or above).Then start the Shortcuts app.

Step 2. Run Spotify app on your iPhone, select a playlist and tap the three dots in the upper-right corner. Then select "Share" > "Shortcut". Next, choose "Audio" > MP3 format.

download Spotify playlist to mp3 via shortcuts

Step 3. When the download is finished, you can go to the Files app, and then choose "iCloud" > "Shortcuts" > "Music" to get the downloaded Spotify MP3 files.

Method 2: Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 on Android Phone

1# SpotiFlyer

If you want to free download Spotify to MP3 on your Android phone, you can try this open-source app - SpotiFlyer. It enables you to download Spotify tracks, albums and playlists to MP3 for free. If you cannot use the software to download songs in your region/country, you can try to use VPN to solve this problem.

Guide: Free Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 on Android
Step 1. Search SpotiFlyer on the browser and get the program installed on your Android device. Then start the program.

Step 2. Launch Spotify app on your Android device, and copy the Spotify playlist URL. Then paste the URL to SpotiFlyer pragram.

Step 3. Next, it will display all Spotify songs in the playlist. Tap on the Download icon next to each song one by one.

free download spotify playlist to mp3 on android

Although this method is free, but in the process of using it, I found that it cannot successfully download all the Spotify songs in the playlist.

2# Telegram Bot

Is there any way to download Spotify to MP3 without Premium on Android devices? Yes, you can turn to Telegram Bot. Actually, this bot is made using Python programming. It lets you download Spotify playlist from YouTube. Whether you are using Android or iOS device, you can have a try. But sometimes it is not stable, you may fail to get Spotiy songs.

· Just download and install the Telegram app, then start Telegram app.
· Search for Spotify downloader and get the Telegram Spotify bot, click "Start" option.
· Copy & paste a Spotify playlist link, and start downloading Spotify playlist to MP3 for free.

download spotify playlist to mp3 on android

How to Transfer Spotify Downloads to iPhone/Android

Actually, there is no solution to directly download Spotify playlist on Android/iPhone without a premium subscription. If you want to offline listen to Spotify music on Android/iPhone without premium subscription, you need to download Spotify music as MP3 or M4A on computer by using the methods introduce above. We suggest you use the UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, it helps all Spotify users download and convert Spotify songs/playlist/albums to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV or AIFF in batch. After downloading Spotify music to computer, then you are able to directly transfer the songs from computer to your Android/iPhone devices. Let's show you free & paid ways to transfer the downloaded Spotify music to iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phones.

5 Ways to Transfer Spotify Music to Your Android/iPhone

Method 1. Transfer Spotify Music to Your Android/iPhone via Mobile Manager & USB cable

If you looking for a easy to used tool to transfer the downloaded Spotify songs from computer to your iOS or Andrid device, this iOS & Android Manager is the best choose. For iOS to Computer transfer, no iTunes needed for transferring music, videos and photos between iPhone, iPad, and computers, this program also can transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, video on your iPhone and iPad. For Android to Computer transfer, it can transfer files between Android and computer, including photos, videos, music, sms, contacts and more.

Step 1. Launch the program on compuer, then connect your Android iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer. Your device will be recognized and displayed in the primary window.

Transfer Spotify music to iPhone

Step 2. click "Music" menu on the primary window and add music to the interface.

Transfer Spotify music to iPhone

Step 3. Then clicking "Transfer" button start transferring Spotify music to your iPhone/Android phone.

Transfer Spotify music to iPhone

Method 2. Transfer Spotify Music to Your Android via USB cable

To copy the downloaded Spotify songs to Android phone directly, please connect your Android mobile phone to your Windows PC with a USB cable. After this, send or copy-paste the downloaded Spotify songs to your Android phone. You can also use Airdroid or similar apps in order to add your songs to Android mobile phone. But, if you want to transfer music from computer to iPhone, this way is not feasible for iPhone file transferring, you need the hep of iTunes or some third-party tool.

Method 3. Upload the Downloaded Spotify Songs to Google Drive/Dropbox

If you looking for free methods to import music to Android devices, you can upload the downloaded Spotify songs from computer to other cloud storage services, such as Google Drive/Dropbox. After uploading them to Google Drive/Dropbox, then please log in with the same account of these sites with your Android phone and locate your songs to your Google Drive/Dropbox, now you're able to download your uploaded songs to Android devices directly.

Transfer Spotify Songs to mobile phone Using Cloud Storage

Method 4. Transfer Spotify Songs to Android Phone via Bluetooth

If you use smartphone, you are able to directly transfer the downloaded songs from your computer to Android phone via Bluetooth. To transfer songs between Android and computer, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your computer and Android mobile phone. After this, search and add the device. Lastly, pair your Android phone with your PC and select songs that you want to transfer. Finally, you can easily to transfer the songs to your Android device.

Method 5. Transfer Spotify Songs to iPhone/iPad/iPod via AirDrop on Mac

As we all know that the AirDrop only works with Apple devices, if you want to transfer the downloaded Spotify songs from MAC to iOS devices, you can use AirDrop to do it.

Step 1. Turn on AirDrop
Please turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on your MAC and iPhone firstly, then launch the Finder app and go to AirDrop from the left sidebar.

Transfer Spotify Songs to iPhone via AirDrop

Tips: It would help if you also turned on your AirDrop from the Control Center on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to the Downloaded Spotify Songs
Next, you need to navigate to where your Spotify songs are stored. If it's not on the Desktop, launch the Finder app to the folder where you store your mp3 files. Then drag and drop the music files to your iPhone icon inside the AirDrop screen.

Transfer music to iPhone via AirDrop

Step 3. Accept on the iPhone
You should get a pop-up on your iPhone notifying you about the transfer. Press Accept to receive the music files. Then you can play the downloaded Spotify music from the Files folder.

accept transfer music to iPhone via AirDrop

FAQs About Spotify Playlist Downloading

Q1: How do I download Spotify playlists?
Answer: Spotify Freee users can only stream Spotify Music and playlist online. With a Spotify Premium account, you are able to download Spotify songs, playlists, albums, artists & podcasts on your desktop or mobile device.

Q2: How do I convert my Spotify playlist to MP3?
Answer: Spotify doesn't allow you to download Spotify playlist to MP3 files. You need a third-party tool to finish converting Spotify playlists to MP3 files. We listed a lot of awesome Spotify playlist to MP3 downloader & converters above, such as UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter. You can have a try.

Q3: Can you download Spotify playlists for free?
Answer: Spotify only offers Download function for Premium subscribers. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is a free Spotify playlist downloader that assists you to download any content from Spotify web without Premium account.

Q4: How do I convert my Spotify playlist to MP3 on Android?
Answer: As we mentioned above, whether you want to convert or download Spotify playlist to MP3 on Android, you can use the SpotiFlyer or Telegram Bot. Both of them can help you download MP3s from Spotify on your Android device.

Q5: Can I Download Spotify Music & Playlist to MP3 Player?
Answer: Yes, but only if your MP3 player is compatible with the Spotify app and you have a valid Spotify Premium account. To play Sotify on any MP3 player, the best way is to download and convert Spotify playlist to MP3 files, and then you could copy them to your MP3 player.

Final Words

The above are 5 effective ways to download Spotify playlists to MP3 for free on Mac, PC, iPhone and Android phones. After reading them, you must have learned how to operate now. To be honest, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is your most recommended tool. It is dedicated to downloading tracks, albums, playlists, podcasts and broadcasts in MP3 format from Spotify for free. (No Premium subscription account required) Also, TunesBank Spotify Music Converter is worth a try. If you don’t mind the output quality and download speed, you can also try other methods.


Although Spotify Premium can download an entire playlist for listening playback, all downloads only be played within the Spotify app. After you downloading playlists and songs with Spotify app on Windows PC, you can follow this path ("C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage") to open the downloading folder to find the Spotify downloads music, you will find the Spotify music saved as encoded OGG files, because those downloads comes with DRM protection and you don’t really own the songs, you cannot transfer those downloaded songs to MP3 player, Apple iPods, USB drive, DJ program, video/audio editor or other media platforms. If you want to use and play your Spotify playlist freely, you need to download Spotify playlists as MP3 files.

Above 5 Spotify playlist downloading, converting and recording methods, the easiest way to download Spotify playlists to MP3 format is to use UkeySoft Spotify to MP3 downloader, it not only helps you download songs, playlist and albums from Spotify to your local computer, but also can convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF format with 100% original audio sound quality kept. After downloading Spotify playlists to MP3 files, you can transfer them to your MP3 player, Apple iPods, mobile device or other portable devices for offline listening.

Moreover, there is a built-in Spotify web player and Music Player in the program, you can download, convert and play Spotify playlist & tracks in the program, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is a userful and powerul Spotify downolader, Spotify converter and music player that all music lover need to own one, it's the best Spotify app alternatives.

play Spotify music offline

Tips: The trial version of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter enables you to convert the first three minutes of each audio track, you can buy a license code to unlock all features.

Spotify Playlist to MP3
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