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How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

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By Justin SabrinaUpdated on November 30, 2021

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Want to get rid of unwanted objects or people accidentally caught in your image? This tutorial will introduce you 5 best Photo Unwanted Object Removers for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices to help you remove any unnecessary objects, person and anything else from your photos without any quality loss.

Sometimes, when you want to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media, you may get annoyed because there are some unwanted objects in the photos. It can be lines, street signs, shadows, unwanted strangers or pets who suddenly break into your crowd. This is an unavoidable situation, and it is impossible for us to get perfect photos all the time. Fortunately, we can remove unwanted objects from photos by using some photo editors.

If you are searching for a photo editing tool that can help you to remove unwanted objects from pictures, then you can't miss this tutorial. In this tutorial, we will discuss some photo editors that work perfectly on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, which will help you to remove unwanted people or objects easily and realistically without affecting the image quality.


Way 1. Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos via UkeySoft Photo Watermark Remover (Mac & PC)

UkeySoft Photo Watermark Remover is a popular Photo Object Removal and Photo Editor for Windows users. It not only supports users to remove unwanted objects, animals, trees, etc. from photos, but also allows users to remove watermark, date stamps, text, scratches and any stains from photos. Besides, it enables users to add watermark, logo image to the photo with ease. By using advanced graphics technology, it can even help you restore old photos to normal, easily repairing scratches, spots and tears.

Guide: Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos with UkeySoft

Step 1. Click the download button to download and install UkeySoft Photo Watermark Remover on your PC, then launch the program.

launch UkeySoft photo watermark remover program

Step 2. Click "Add File(s)" to open the photo, or directly drag and drop the photo to its interface.

add photo to UkeySoft program

Step 3. Select anything you want to remove by using the "Remove" tool.

select the unwanted objects in photo

Step 4. Finally, press the "Remove" button to delete the unwanted contents. After that, you can click "Start" to save the photo to the local drive.

remove unwanted objects of photo


  • Remove any objects from photo without quality loss.
  • Erase watermark, logo, lines, shadows, person, etc.
  • Add watermark, logo to photos as you like.
  • Adjust stamp size, hardness and opacity as needed.
  • Offers batch photo editing feature.
  • Repair old photos; Improve your skin.
  • Easy to use, completely non-technical.


  • Only offers Windows version.
  • Not free, but it offers a free trial version. New users are allowed to deal with 10 photos in 30 days.

Way 2. Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos via Inpaint (Mac & PC)

Inpaint is a powerful tool which allows you to remove all unwanted items from photos, including persons, trees, power lines, text, logo and anything else. It provides desktop programs and online removal services. With its support, you can easily get rid of unnecessary objects and people. Let’s see how it works:

Step 1. Download Inpaint to your Mac or PC. Or directly visit its official website.

Step 2. Click "Upload Image" to import the target picture.

Step 3. Use the brush to select the items that you want to erase, then click "Erase" to save the picture without unwanted items.

use inpaint to remove objects from photo


  • Offers Windows, Mac and iOS version.
  • Remove unwanted content in your photos.
  • The Inpaint 9.1 version has added batch-Inpaint feature.


  • It need to take much times to remove unwanted objects.
  • Not free, the online trial version only allows you to download low quality results.

Way 3. Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos via Photo Eraser (Mac & PC)

Photo Eraser is an easy-to-use image editor for Mac and Windows which supports to erase unwanted content from photos, such as lines, shadows, date stamps, watermarks, text, etc. To delete unwanted people from the photo, you only need mark unwanted area by red color, then this tool will magically make your photo much better in a minute.

Step 1. After installation, run Photo Eraser on the desktop.

Step 2. Click "Remove Watermark" option, and add a photo from the local drive. Then mark unwanted area by red color.

Step 3. Now click the check mark icon to delete the unwanted content. Once done, click the "Save Image" tab to save the photo without unwanted objects.


  • Easy-to-use with simple interface.
  • Erase watermark, daee stamps, text, unwanted person, etc.
  • Make skin imperfections vanish.


  • Maximum file size is limited to 10MB.
  • Only supports to deal with PNG and JPG images.

Way 4. Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos via TouchRetouch (iOS & Android)

TouchRetouch is an app for iOS and Android devices that gives you capability to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos, such as lines, buildings, person, logo, etc. TouchRetouch is easy to operate. You only need to swipe over the objects you want to delete so that they are selected in red, then start to make them hidden.

Step 1. Download TouchRetouch app from the App Store to your mobile device, and then open the app.

Step 2. Import your photo into this app, and select output image resolution according to your needs.

Step 3. Brush over the objects you want to remove, then click "Start" to remove unwanted elements with one click.

remove unwanted objects via TouchRetouch


  • Easy to use, even beginners can control it perfectly.
  • Remove unwanted content from your photos.
  • Allows you to clone the items of your picture.


  • No desktop version.
  • Doesn't support batch editing of photos.
  • Not free, the free version inserts multiple ads.

Way 5. Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos via Remove Object (Android)

To remove objects from pictures on Android phone or tablets, you can also rely on Remove Object app. It can help you remove unwanted object of photo, you can eraser logo, person, lines, sticker or text on your photo. This smart tool allows you to use Selection Tool to select unwanted items in the photo, or use the Clone Tool to manually copy detail from one part of the frame to desired part.

Step 1. Install Remove Object app on your Android device, and open it.

Step 2. Add the photo from camera or gallery, and select the objects you want to remove which selected in red.

Step 3. Tap on "Start". After a few seconds, the select items will magically disappear!

Remove Object app on Android


  • Free.
  • You can set Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as desired.
  • Supports to erase unwanted contents and clone the desired objects.


  • Only works on Android devices.
  • There are a amount of ads everywhere.
  • Sometimes, it will not delete all selected content. You need to select items repeatedly.

Final Verdict

Here we have listed the best 5 Photo Unwanted Objects Removers. With the help of these tools, you can easily remove unwanted objects from your images to get rid of some strangers, animals, trees, lines, shadows or anything else that you want them disappear. If you often edit your photos on your mobile device, then you can consider the TouchRetouch and Remove Object. If you need to edit and remove unnecessary contents from your multiple photos on your computer, then you can consider UkeySoft Photo Watermark Remover, Inpaint or Photo Eraser. For me, I prefer UkeySoft Photo Watermark Remover for its outstanding and powerful features. If you have other suggestions for removing unwanted items from photos, please leave your comment.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos
Justin Sabrina

Justin Sabrina

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