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How to Play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa

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By chesterUpdated on December 16, 2022

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Wondering how to play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa? Reading the article, you will learn an easy way to download Amazon Music in MP3 format, so that you can transfer them to al Fitbit Versa series for offline playback without limitations.

"I just got a Fitbit Versa smartwatch, and I found that I can stream my Amazon Music playlists on my watch, it is not supported. Is there any way to play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa?"

Fitbit Versa is a popular fitness and health watch, which has the features of Daily Readiness Score, new sleep tools, fitness features, AMOLED display and more. For the new model Fitbit Versa 3, there are beautiful features including onboard GPS, water resistance, sleep tracking, fast charging, etc. Anyway, you can fill up your day with this smartwatch.

Fitbit Versa also offers the ability to store and stream music, so you can listen to music when you are working out, on the go and other exercises which will make it more enjoyable. However, when it comes to streaming music service, Fitbit currently only supports Pandora, Deezer and Spotify. This is not a very good news for fans of other streaming music services, such as Amazon Music.

So is it able to play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa? Yes it is. In the following contents, let's see how you can get Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa.


Part 1. Can I Play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa?

Currently, all Fitbit Versa series (Fitbit Versa 1, 2, 3) only allows users to stream music in Deezer, Spotify and Pandora with their apps. The Amazon Music app is not available for Fitbit Versa. Which means you are not able to play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa directly. This sounds a little annoying for those people who has subscribed to Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited want play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa. But there is still a way to play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa with extra help from third party tool, please keep reading.

Part 2. Tool You'll Need to Play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa

Well, Fitbit versa is not compatible with Amazon Music, but Fitbit Versa has 2.5GB memory storage for music, so if you want to play your Amazon Music playlist on Fibit Versa, you can actually download Amazon Music and put them to Fitbit Versa for offline playback.

However, Fitbit Versa supports the music files in the format of MP3, WMA and MP4. If you directly download songs from Amazon Music, the downloaded file will be DRM-protected in cache, they are not the supportable files for Fitbit Versa, you can only play the downloaded Amazon Music files within the Amazon Music app, you are now allow to move them to Fitbit Versa or other unauthorized devices for offline playback.

To get Fitbit Versa Amazon Music work, you need to convert Amazon Music to the audio format that is compatible with Fitbit Versa, an Amazon Music converting tool is high recommended to you, UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter.

UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter is a smart tool which is designed to delete DRM from Amazon Music, download and convert Amazon Music to plain audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF in lossless audio quality. In this way, you can keep the converted Amazon Music files on your computer forever, so that you can copy or transfer Amazon Music to Fitbit Versa or other devices with ease without any restrictions.

In addition, the program is able to convert Amazon Music in batch with the converting speed of 10X faster, so for the 2.5GB storage memory of Fitbit Versa smartwatch, you can download as many music as you like with a very fast speed, and all the ID3 tags and metadata info will be kept after conversion, so you will recognize the songs with full details of title names, artists, album page and more. Most importantly, UkeySoft has a built-in Amazon Music web player, you can directly search, browse and play music in one stop with this smart app, there is no need to install the official Amazon Music app. Let's check out more features and learn how exactly you can do it.

Key Features of UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter

  • Convert Amazon Music with Amazon Free, Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • Remove DRM from Amazon Music songs and playlists.
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF.
  • Preserve 100% lossless audio quality.
  • Keep ID3 tags and metadata info after conversion.
  • Batch converting & 10X faster conversion speed.
  • Convert Amazon Music to compatible format with Fitbit Versa.
  • Play Amazon Music on other unauthorized devices without limits.
  • Built-in Amazon Music web player, no need to install the Amazon Music app.

Part 3. How to Convert Amazon Music for Fitbit Versa

First of all, you need to download the latest version of UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter, install it to your computer (the program is available on Windows and Mac OS), then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Sign in Amazon Account
Launch UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter on your computer, log in your Amazon account by clicking the "Sign In" button on the upper right corner.

launch and log in

Tips: UkeySoft supports logging in with Amazon Free, Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited users.

Step 2. Output File Setup
Before you add your Amazon Music tracks to the program, you should set up the output file. Click the 'gear' icon to the output setting window on the top right corner of the interface. You need to choose the output file format out of the 6 types according to your needs. Auto is default as M4A format, we need to select MP3 here, since MP3 is compatible with Fitbit Versa and it's the most commonly used audio formats for most devices.

customize output file

There are more you can setup for your output file, like output quality, output folder, output file name, output organized, etc.

customize output file

Step 3. Add Amazon Songs
After you have done with the output setting, then add your favourite Amazon Music tracks, playlists or albums that you want to download. Click the red '+' add button on the right side to add the songs to the converting list.

add amazon music

All songs in the playlist are selected by default. If you do not want all the songs from the list, you can choose the songs that you want to download by ticking the checkbox.

select songs

Step 4. Start Converting Amazon Music to MP3
Once you have added the songs in the converting list, click the "Convert" button to start downloading the selected songs to MP3 to computer at 10x speed. All the output MP3 music files you get will be preserved ID3 tags and metadata info.

start converting

Step 5. View the Music Files
Wait till the conversion is completed, you can view the output MP3 music file in the 'History' section by clicking the 'clock' icon in the top right corner, you can see all the downloaded contents on the list, you can click the blue folder to open and view the downloaded Amazon Music songs on your computer.

view music files

Part 4. How to Put Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa

With the 2.5GB storage memory, Fitbit Versa has enough space for storing about 300 songs. Now you have the Amazon Music songs in MP3 on your computer, with a few steps to put your Amazon Music to Fitbit Versa, then you can listen to Amazon Music anytime as long as you wear have your smartwatch on. So please follow the steps for transferring, make sure that your Fitbit Versa smartwatch and computer are on the same WiFi network.

add music to fitbit

Step 1. Connect your Fitbit Versa and your computer with the same WiFi network.

Step 2. Download the Fitbit Connect app from fitbit.com/setup and install it on your computer (Windows or Mac version).

Step 3. Launch the Fitbit Connect app on your computer and log in with your account info.

Step 4. Find the 'Manage My Music' section on Fitbit Connect.

Step 5. On your Fitbit Versa, launch the Music app and tap 'Transfer Music', then wait for the connection between Fitbit Versa and computer.

Step 6. It may cost you for a while to complete the transmission if there are lots of song son your playlist. Once the synchronization is completed, you can enjoy Amazon Music on your Fitbit Versa smartwatch offline anywhere and anytime.


If you want to play Amazon Music songs on Fitbit Versa smartwatch series or other devices that do not support Amazon Music app, UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter will always be your best help. You can download and convert Amazon Music to MP3 and other common audio formats for free, so that you can transfer the converted Amazon Music to Fitbit Versa smartwatch for offline playback without limits. Do not hesitate to download this smart converter and enjoy your favourite music on the go.

Play Amazon Music on Fitbit Versa


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