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How to Unlock iPhone 14 Without Passcode

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By Li ZhangUpdated on February 15, 2023

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Read this post then you will learn how to unlock iPhone 14 and more iPhone models without passcode, return your device to normal state perfectly.

Hi. I need some help. The screen of my new iPhone 14 was black after crashed. Now I can’t operate it and backup data. Any ways be available to unlock my device without passcode? Thanks so much!

Apple add many ways to protect iPhone, like face ID, fingerprint lock, and password lock. Here we call them passcode collectively. There are many cases that we need to unlock iPhone without passcode, for example, unlock iPhone with forgotten passcode, unlock a disabled iPhone without passcode, unlock iPhone with broken screen, unlock iPhone with black screen, etc,. Among all the terrible things that could be happened on iPhone 14, it is necessary to unlock iPhone 14 without passcode. Have you ever meet the case that have to access iPhone without passcode? You are in the right place. In the follow passages we will show you the best way to unlock iPhone 14 without passcode, return your device to normal state perfectly, even without losing any data on it.

Best Tool Help to Unlock iPhone 14 Without Passcode

UkeySoft iOS Unlock is the best tool help to unlock iPhone 14 without passcode, including 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID. This powerful tool can remove iPhone passcode without losing data under any cases, including disabled iPhone without passcode, iPhone with broken screen, iPhone with black screen, iPhone with unresponsive screen, iPhone with Apple logo screen, etc,. It supports all iPhone models, as well as iPad models, like iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12; iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini. Only three simple steps, you can bypass iPhone lock screen passcode with one click. Fully compatible with newest iOS 16 and older. After that, you are able to get your iPhone as its normal state, and backup iPhone data if you need.

Main Feature of UkeySoft iOS Unlock

  • Remove iPhone passcode without losing data
  • Unlock iPhone passcode under any cases
  • Supports all iPhone & iPad models
  • Bypass iPhone passcode with one click
  • Fully compatible with all iOS version including iOS 16
  • Get iPhone as its normal state
  • Backup iPhone data after removing iPhone passcode

How to Bypass iPhone 14 Passcode without Data Loss

Step 1. Run UkeySoft Unlocker on the Computer
Please download, install and run UkeySoft Unlocker on your PC/Mac computer. There are two main functions for selection, including Unlock Apple ID and Unlock Screen Passcode. To remove passcode on iPhone 14, just click the right one.

run ios unlocker

Step 2. Unlock Screen Passcode
Connect your iPhone 14 to the computer with an USB cable and click "Next" to enable the unlock device function.

unlocker preparing

Step 3. Put iPhone 14 into Recovery Mode
If your iPhone 14 can't be detected in the process of loading device information or unlocking step, you need to put it into DFU/Recovery mode manually, follow the on-screen instructions to do it, here we take iPhone 8/8 Plus as example to show you how to put iPhone into DFU/Recovery mode.

For iPhone 8/8 Plus or later:

1) Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.

2) Press then release the volume up button. Press then release the volume down button.

3) Hold the side button (on/off button), and don't let go when you see the Apple logo. Keep holding it until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

enter recovery mode

Step 4. Download Firmware Package
In this step you should download the latest firmware package. The program will provide the most suitable firmware version based on your device information, click "Download" button to directly download the matching version of iOS firmware package for you device.

download firmware package

Note: UkeySoft Unlocker V.2.0.0 Updated: It features with offering different version of firmware package for downloading on different iOS devices models, so that you can update or downgrade the iOS/iPadOS with ease.

select version to download firmware package

Now the program start downloading firmware package for your iPhone 14, you will see the progress bar shows the percentage of completion.

downloading firmware package

Firmware package download is done! There is a new window will prompt you that the download is complete. Now you should manually click "Start" to begin unlocking the screen passcode on your device.

download firmware package completed

Step 5. Ready to Unlock Passcode on iPhone 14
Before unlock your iPhone 14 passcode, you should read some warm tips. And then click "Start Unlock" to begin bypass passcode on your device.

warming thing before unlocking

Step 6. Start Removing iPhone 14 Passcode
It will begin to remove screen passcode, pattern, Touch ID or Face ID from your iPhone 14, please keep connection your iPhone with the computer until it finishes.

removing iphone passcode

Step 7. Remove iPhone 14 Screen Passcode Successfully
It will take a little time to reset your device during the removing. When your iPhone restarts, the screen passcode has been removed successfully.

removal completed

Note: All data in your device has been removed completely, which looks like a new phone.

get a new device

You can start your device by setting it right now.

set your device

Final Words

Now you have removed the passcode on your iPhone 14 completely with an effortless way, as well as all models of iOS devices. Thanks to UkeySoft iOS Unlock, you can unlock iOS device with one click without any professional skills. It supports bypass iPhone passcode under any cases, including disabled iPhone without passcode, iPhone with broken screen, iPhone with black screen, iPhone with unresponsive screen, iPhone with Apple logo screen, etc,. Hope it will do a urgent help for you in life!

Unlock iPhone 14 Without Passcode


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