UkeySoft File Lock Review: Hide and Lock Files and Folders on Windows/Mac

By ChesterUpdated on March 13, 2023

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Looking for the best files and folder Locker to prevent your personal information leakage? In this review will tell you everything about UkeySoft File Lock, including features, pros and cons, tutorials of how to lock file with the program For Windows & Mac.

"I am a teacher, I am always beware of my teaching materials get stolen and leaked. I need to know the ways to protect my teaching materials on my computer."

"I work in a trading company as a supervisor, I have a lot of private information in my computer, and they are all in a drive, I want to know how password protect my personal folder so others are not able to access it without my knowledge. Please tell me, thank you."

Why do we Need to Lock File/Folder?

Nowadays, information is power, if your personal computing devices are stolen, it means that a lot of your information can be accessed. Information that can be taken advantage of, used against you, or destroyed. Therefore, password protect your personal data is very important from preventing information leakage. File encryption uses a specific algorithm or password to make your file/folder to be locked. No one can access the file or folder without the password.


The Best File and Folder Locker - UkeySoft File Lock

UkeySoft File Lock is a professional folder locker for normal users. It''s is recognized as the simplest password folder protect software among its equivalents. UkeySoft File Lock is a complete folder encryption software which password protect files and folders on local drive, USB drive or LAN Network with the strongest military grade 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. UkeySoft File Lock is a folder encryption software which not only helps users password protect any files and folders, but also hide the private files and folders, make files, folders and drives ready only, so nobody can modify, delete, or rename it without password in Windows & Mac.

Pros and Cons of UkeySoft File Lock

- Extra file/folder protection features, like lock, hide, protect, monitor files and folders.
- All device, including local disk, external disk, shared network drive and cloud drive.
- All file types supported, such as images, videos, Text documents, Word documents, files, Excel, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
- Password protect OneDrive folder as well as other cloud drive files
- Shredding files is available.
- The free trial version is available for unlimited use.
- Windows and Mac version are available.

-The Windows full version costs more than The Mac full verion.
-You are not able to reset the password in trial version

Features of UkeySoft File Lock

  • Protect your privacy data, military-based encryption is used which no one can decrypt except you.
  • Locking files/folders/drives with password safely.
  • Hide your files, folders, drives on Windows & Mac, 100% safe.
  • Make files/ folders/drives undeletable, if anyone tries to delete an app from the device, he needs to decrypt the code to ensure he can uninstall the app on Windows & Mac.
  • If you forgot your decryption code, you will get a notification from your email to recover it.
    File eraser and disk wiper.
  • To maintain your privacy to the topmost level.


Q1: Is UkeySoft File Lock secure?

UkeySoft File Lock is remarkably secure, it is a powerful data secure tool to help you encrypt files with strong 256-bit algorithm, you can 100% securely to protect your important files that prevents unauthorized access.

Q2: Can UkeySoft File Lock be hacked?

No, on the other way, UkeySoft File Lock prevent the threat of hacking and data theft.

Q3: Is it easy to use UkeSoft File Lock?

Yes, UkeySoft File Lock is incredibly easy to use, just follow few simple steps and few clicks, then your personal information is locked with a password.

Subscription & Price

UkeySoft File Lock is available for both Windows and Mac, there is also a trial version for you to have a try.

For Windows:
1-Year Subscription: $29.95
Personal License: $39.95
Family License: $79.95

For Mac:
1-Year Subscription: $14.95
Personal License: $24.95
Family License: $44.95

Tutorials: How to Lock File/Folder on Windows 10/8/7

Step 1. Install and launch UkeySoft File Lock on your computer
Download and install UkeySoft File Lock. Then launch it and enter the initial password "123456" to start up. If you have purchased a license code to activate the program, you can set another password.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Step 2. Select Lock File
To lock files or folders in Windows computer, please select Local Disk from the left menu bar, there are options on the list "Hiding File", "Locking File", "Protecting File" and "Folder Monitor" functions, select "Lock Files" and continue.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Step 3. Add Files/Folders to Lock
Click "Lock Files", "Lock Folder" or "Lock Drive" button on the right to add files, folders and other documents to UkeySoft File Lock.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Step 4. Select Files
There will be a small window pop out, choose the files or folders that you want to password protect, click "Ok" to continue.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Step 5. The Files are Locked
You will see a "locked" status indicating that your file/folder has successfully locked with password.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Step 6. Unlock the Files
On the locking list, you can unlock the files by clicking the "Unlock" button on the right side, the your files are no longer password protected.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Tutorials: How to Hide or Lock Files ans Folders in Mac OS

Step1. Download and install, run UkeySoft File Lock on Mac.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Tips: The free version only allow you to hide files and folders, if you wan to password protect your files and folders, you need to buy the full version to unlock all functions.

Step 2. To hide or lock files or folders, click the '+' button on the bottom left corner to add files or folders to UkeySoft, or you can just directly drag and drop files or folders to the app.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Step 3. After adding files or folders to the app, then select the files and set as Invisible. If you want to set a password to protect the files/folders, please click "Require Password" checkbox and set a password.

UkeySoft File Lock Review

Advantage of Using UkeySoft File Lock

  • You can hide the software in invisible mode so no one is able to delete the software from your computer.
  • If some one tries to enter the wrong password for more than 5 times, then you will get an alarm notification on your registered email, then unknown login will be banned.
  • The program is also a virus protector, it protects sensitive information from /viruses and Trojan horse.


UkeySoft File Lock is such a reliable and trustable software for password protecting your personal data from unauthorized access, which has more than 54,506,558 downloads and has a high rating of 4.5. It is a ease-to-use program with multiple features and cost effective. What's more, UkeySoft File Lock is a virus protector itself, it protects files from viruses and Trojan horse as well. So do not hesitate to download and try for the free trial version!

UkeySoft File Lock Review


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