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  • Part 1. How to Register UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac)
  • Part 2. How to Convert Spotify Songs/Playlists/Podcasts to MP3/M4A/FLAC/WAV
  • Part 3. How to Customize the Output Audio Parameters
  • Part 4. Built-in Music Manager & Player Introduced

Part 1. How to Register UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac)

Step 1. Install UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac)

Click the "Try It Free" button below to download and install UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter on Mac computer, then follow the instructions to complete the installation. You can try to convert Spotify music to MP3 or other format with the trial version.

Tips: There are two versions of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac), free version, and full version, the trial version allows you convert the first 3 minutes of each music file, you can try to free download Spotify music on MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and iMac Pro.

install spotify music converter

Step 2. Register UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac)

The trial version of UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac) is only valid for convert the first 3 minutes of each song. It is highly recommended that you get the full version to remove all restrictions. Launch the software on your Mac and click the "Buy Now" button.

buy ukeysoft spotify converter

After the payment is completed, the registration code will be sent to your email. Alternatively, if you have purchased and received the registration code from UkeySoft store, simply click on “Register” icon and the program will pop up a Register windows, please enter the registration code to activate the program.

activate spotify music converter

Once the software is activated successfully, you can download the full songs, and download as many as songs you like at once!

Part 2. How to Convert Spotify Music/Playlist/Podcast to MP3/M4A/FLAC/WAV on Mac

Step 1. Launch Spotify Converter and Log in Your Spotify Account

First of all, launch UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter on Mac and you will see the intuitive interface of the program, a built-in Spotify web player in the converter, then log in the program with your Spotify account (Free or Premium).

Spotify Music Converter Interface Mac

Step 2. Select Output Format

Clicking “Setting” icon to open the setting windows, then set MP3 as output format, the program can also convert Spotify music to M4A(default), AAC, WAV, FLAC and AIFF. In addition, you are free to customize the output music quality, you can simply change the audio parameters of each format, including audio channel, bitrate, sample rate, etc.

spotify output format mac

Change Output Folder(Optional): You can change the output folder in this setting windows.

spotify output folder

Step 3. Add Spotify Songs, Playlist or Album

In the built-in Spotify web player, please browse and open the playlist or album you need to download.

add spotify songs

Then, just clicking “Add” icon, the program will automatically analyze the playlist and loading all songs into the “Pend Converting” list.

add spotify songs

Step 4. Select Music to Download

All Spotify songs & playlists loads into the program, you can see all original ID3 tags such as artwork, name, album, artist will be display.

add song list

Then, you just need to select the Spotify songs you want to convert from the “Pend Converting” list. The UkeySoft Spotify Converter has built-in batch conversion features, you can select all songs for downloading at once.

add song list

Step 5. Convert Spotify Music to MP3

The last step, just clicking on "Convert" button to start converting Spotify songs to the output format (MP3) you chosen.

start convert spotify song playlist

During the conversion, please do not play songs on Spotify app, otherwise, the conversion will be disrupted.

spotify song conversion process

The program would remove DRM from Spotify music and convert them to DRM-free audio files, please be patient during the conversion process.

Step 6. Play the Downloaded Songs Offline

When the whole downloading process is finished, please click on "History" icon to browse all downloaded songs.

spotify music converted history

Now, you can play those downloaded music offline with it’s built-in Music Player, no need installing Spotify app or other third-party music player.

play spotify music mp3 on mac

Clicking the blue "Output Folder" icon to open the output folder on Mac, you will get MP3 music files. Now, you can listen to Spotify songs offline on Mac without Spotify app, or transfer Spotify music to USB drive/SD card, or burn music to CD, or play them on any MP3 player(Sony Walkman, Sandisk, Astell & Kern A&ultima, etc.), iPod Nano / Shuffle / Classic / Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablets, PSP, PS3, PS4, Garmin, Samsung, Fitbit Wearables & Smartwatches, Smart TVs, etc.

spotify music mp3 on mac

Part 3. More Settings in UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter (Mac)

You can also adjust the parameters according to your own needs, like bitrate and sample rate. Please click the "setting" icon in the top-right corner of the interface, the program will pop up a setting windows, please customize the output audio parameters that you need.

1.Adjust Output Format

UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter supports convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A(Auto), AAC, FLAC, AIFF or WAV, please select your desired audio format. MP3 is one of the most popular lossy/compressed file formats, I suggest you select MP3 as output format, because most devices and players compatible with MP3 format. If you want to keep the music ID3 tags and metadata info, please select MP3 or M4A as output format, the metadata only be saved onto the output MP3 or M4A files.

output mp3

2.Adjust Output Quality

UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter allows you to customize the output audio quality, the program can keeps Ogg Vorbis music in up to 320 Kbps MP3 audio. For example, if you select MP3 as output format, you can adjust the output audio quality available from 128kbps to 320kbps, I suggest you select 128kbps, which is the same as Spotify originals.

output folder

To enhance the output sound quality, you can choose the AAC format, and the bitrate can reach 512kbps.

3.Output Cover Quality

In order for you easily to manage and organize your music collection, UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter can download and save the original ID3 tags of your added Spotify music. Track details including title, artists, Track ID, and cover image, you also can select the output cover quality before downloading: Low (64x64), Middle (300x300) or High (640x640) pixel.

output cover quality


If the output volume does not suit your needs, you can also adjust the output volume by dragging the scroll bar.

setting volume

5.Change the Output Folder

In the setting windows, you can change the default output folder under "Output Folder" option, then set other output folder to save the converted songs on Mac. Please don't set other external USB storage drive as output path, otherwise, the conversion will fail.

spotify output folder

6.Rename Output Songs

For your preference, you are able to rename Spotify songs with Title, Artist, Album, Track Number, and Playlist Index.

spotify output file name

7.Output Organized

To better manage your music library, you can organize the output Spotify songs by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist.

spotify output folder

8.What to Do after Converting Finished

You can set "Open the output folder" or "Put the computer to sleep" or "Do nothing" after converting finished. This is a very convenient setting for users who convert a large number of songs at once, maybe it takes a long time to complete the conversion, "Put the computer to sleep" is a very convenient setting.

setting after converting

9.Multiple Language

UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter features a multilingual interface: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文.

spotify support language

Part 4. Built-in Music Manager & Player Introduced

UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter embeds the built-in Music Manager and Music Player, letting you easily to manage and play the downloaded songs. After downloading songs from Spotify with the program, all songs are appear in the built-in Music Manager, and the songs are sorted by Date, Album and Artist. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is an all-in-one Music Downloader, Converter, Manager and Player for music lovers, all Spotify users need to own one! No matter you’re a Spotify user or premium users. With UkeySoft, you can download, convert, play and manager Spotify music in a place conveniently.

Once the download completes, you are able to launch the built-in music manager and player by clicking the "History" icon.

1. Classify the Converted Spotify Songs

Classify the converted Spotify songs by Date:

Classify the converted Spotify songs by Artist:

Classify the converted Spotify songs by Album:

2. Play the Converted Spotify Music Offline

This improved UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter embeds the built-in music player, which is convenient to play your collected Spotify songs & playlists without Spotify app. It enables to download all of your Spotify songs, playlists & podcasts with 1:1 audio quality output, without Spotify Premium account! Before conversion, users are allowed to listen to any Spotify song, playlist, album and podcast online with built-in Spotify web player in the program. After conversion, users can click on the "History" icon, and play the downloaded Spotify songs directly!

3. Open the Output Folder to View the Local Music Files

Clicking the blue “output folder” to open the output folder, you can view all the downloaded songs, you can see all the downloaded Spotify songs saved on the computer. Now, you’re able to copy Spotify songs to USB drive, burn Spotify songs into a CD, transfer Spotify music to MP3 player or create a special ringtone/alarm with Spotify music. Whatever you want to do, you can take your Spotify music library anywhere and use/open/enjoy them without the Spotify app!

Spotify Music Converter FAQs

  • 1. Is UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter available for Spotify Free users?

    UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is designed to download songs, albums, playlists and Podcast from Spotify, either Spotify free or premium subscribers can can use it to download Spotify files to MP3, M4A, etc..

  • 2. Will UkeySoft control my computer during conversion process?

    Our software won't control your computer. UkeySoft needs to work with a Spotify account, but it will never take any other information from your account or computer other than the songs. Please don't worry!

  • 3. How to add Spotify songs or playlist to UkeySoft Music Converter?

    A built-in Spotify web player in the program, just sign in with your Spotify Free or Premium account on the program, then you can access over 80 million tracks, now you able about to browse, search and play music freely, just open a playlist you want and the '+' icon in the right side to load the songs.

  • 4. Do I need to install Spotify app to download songs?

    You don’t need to install Spotify app or other extra app, there is a built-in Spotify web player in UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, the program will load Spotify web player on its interface for you to choose songs, just login your Spotify account and start to download songs.

  • 5. Can I use Spotify app to play songs during converting process?

    Sure. The updated UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter works independently. It works based on the Spotify web player. This will not affect any songs you play in the Spotify app.

  • 6. How to improve the output audio quality?

    You can set MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, FLAC or AIFF as output format. To get high-quality Spotify music, just pick MP3 format and set the output Bitrate as 320 kbps (the same as original Spotify Premium streams). In order to improve the output audio quality, you can select AAC format and set 512kbps bitrate.

  • 7. Where can I find out the converted files?

    After the conversion is complete, click on the "History" icon at the upper right corner. Then tap on the blue folder icon to navigate to the output folder.

  • 8. Can I play Spotify music without Spotify app?

    Yes. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter comes with a built-in Spotify Web Player and Music Player. It allows you browse, search and play any song on the built-in Spotify Web Player before conversion. After conversion, you can play these converted Spotify songs on the UkeySoft software directly.

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