Top 8 iOS System Recovery Software Review: Pros, Cons & How to Choose

By Li ZhangUpdated on December 17, 2022

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In daily, we may ever encounter the similar situation that getting iOS system issues. This post will list functions, pros, cons, and more aspects of top 8 iOS system recovery software. It will help to chose the most suitable one for you, and help to fix your iOS system issues in an efficient way.

iOS 15.4 is newly released lately. Some iPhone user can't wait to update and get the performance of new iOS version, want to know which iOS system version is better. However, the newest iOS system version may always be disappoint you, since it is not stable enough. On the other hand, you may suffer from other issues of the older iOS system. No matter the newest iOS system, or the older iOS system, the iOS system issues are similar. Like device stuck on Apple logo, be disable to connect to iTunes, get in boot loop, fail to upgrade, etc,. That's why we post this review article for iOS users, from which you can know everything about the top 8 iOS System Recovery software.


How to Choose the Best iOS System Recovery Software

If you need to repair your device and fix the issues of iOS system, you should consider the conditions about these:

A.Is it effective to fix iOS system?
B.Is it efficient to fix iOS system?
C.Is it easy to fix iOS system of the whole process?
D.Will it lose data after fixing iOS system?
E.Work for all iOS devices?
F.Work for all iOS system?
G.Work for all iOS system issues?

There are so many kinds of software designed to help fixing iOS system of different iOS devices. Here in the next part in this post, we will present the top 8 iOS system recovery software for reference. You can read and choose one that is suitable for you.

Top 1 - UkeySoft FoneFix

As the top 1 iOS System Recovery software, UkeySoft FoneFix must be impressive you, by fixing any kinds of iOS system issues. Like get in recovery mode, stay in white Apple logo, stuck at black screen, etc,.UkeySoft FoneFix support to effectively fix iOS/iPadOS/tvOS to normal at home. It provide with the perfect solution for fixing without losing any data during the process. It is powerful enough to get your device to normal within minutes. Moreover, this program is capable to downgrade your iOS without jailbreak. The whole process is no skills required. UkeySoft software is highly compatible with all iOS versions (iOS 15 included) and all iOS models (iPhone 13 included).

fonefix software

Let’s focus on the main functions of UkeySoft FoneFix:

A.Fix All Kinds of iOS System Issues:
UkeySoft software is designed for fixing all kinds of iOS system issues, including:
White Apple Logo, Recovery Mode, Black Screen, White Screen, Blue Screen, Disabled Screen, iPhone Won't Turn On, Frozen iPhone, Headphone Mode, Keep Restarting, Apple TV Issues, Other iPadOS/iOS Issues.

B.Fix All iOS System Issues without Data Loss:
UkeySoft FoneFix comes with an ability to fix all iOS system issues in two modes, including Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Fix common iOS system issues with standard mode without data loss. All data stored on your devices will not be disappear, including photos, contacts, music, etc,. However, fix stubborn problems with advanced mode may be lead to data loss. Here we suppose you to back up device before repairing.

C.One Click Enter and Exit Recovery Mode:
UkeySoft software is friendly enough to help to fix iOS system issues with one click enter and exit recovery mode. Before entering or exiting the recovery mode, just need to simply connect the device to UkeySoft FoneFix.

D.Work for All iOS Device and iOS System:
UkeySoft Software work for all iOS device, including iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPad, iPod touch, etc,. UkeySoft Software work for all iOS system, including iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, etc,.

How UkeySoft FoneFix Works?

The whole process of fix iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues will only take you minutes. The detail steps to fix iOS system to normal:

Step 1. Run Software and Choose a Repair Mode
Run UkeySoft FoneFix software on Windows or Mac computer. Then choose a repair mode. Here you can select Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.

select standard mode

Step 2. Download the Firmware
Download the firmware package for fixing device. It will take some time to complete the downloading.

download firmware package

Step 3. Fix Device to Normal
Click “Start” to begin fixing iOS system to normal. Only 3 steps, you can get your device to normal state.

fix ios back to normal

*A paid software, but offer for free trial.

#2 - U.Fone iOS System Recovery

The top 2 iOS system recovery software we want to recommend for you is the U.Fone iOS System Recovery. It is a well-known iOS system recovery program help to repair various of iOS system abnormal states. Unlocking failure, stuck in Apple logo, get water damaged, stuck at black/red/blue/white screen death, frozen for unknown reasons,etc,. are concluded. It will not lead to data loss after repairing device to normal. Besides, U.Fone iOS System Recovery offer the extra function that help to restore lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod after losing data under any abnormal iOS system situations. Compatible with all iOS devices and iOS systems.

ufone ios system recovery

*Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod to normal.
*Efficiently fix iOS system with minutes.
*Recover lost data on device.
*Safe to fix device without data loss.
*Support for all iOS devices and iOS systems.

*A paid program, but offer for free trial.

#3 - Dr.Fone iOS System Recovery

When mention about iOS system recovery software, this Dr.Fone iOS System Recovery you can’t miss. It is a professional iOS system recovery software to repair general types of iOS system issues, like stuck at Apple logo screen, stuck at black/white screen, get in restart loop, etc,. You can use this software to repair your device in minutes by yourself, instead of sending it to the repair store. Dr.Fone iOS System Recovery work well for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

*It will not wipe any data after repairing iOS system.
*Fix general types of iOS system issues.
*Work for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

*A paid software, but offer for free trial.

#4 - iMyFone iOS System Recovery

iMyFone iOS System Recovery is an efficient iOS system recovery program. It is good for repairing all kinds of usual iOS system issues. No matter your device is iOS 15 or lower, your device is iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, it can do a favor for you. It it support to fix all types of iOS system problems, like stuck at Apple logo, stuck at black/white screen, get in recovery mode etc,. In addition, it will keep all data being completed after the iOS system return to normal.

*Fix all types of iOS system problems.
*Keep all data being completed.
*100% secure and easy to use.
*Fix iOS system with only 3 steps.

*A paid software, but offer for free trial.
*It can't be used to enter or exit recovery mode.

#5 - FonePaw iOS System Recovery

Many common problems of iOS can be fixed via FonePaw iOS System Recovery. For example, stuck in Recovery Mode, stuck in DFU mode, iTunes errors, stuck on Apple logo, etc,. In addition to the issues, more iOS update problems or system errors are supported. This software provide with 3 repairing modes to fix simply or deeply. It will require no extra skills and avoid data loss in whole fixing process. Compatible with the newest iPhone 13 and latest iOS 15, or lower.

*3 repairing modes for abnormal iOS.
*Restore the system without iTunes.
*Support almost all iOS devices.

*A paid software, but offer for free trial.
*The whole process may be take a lot time.

#6 - AnyFix iOS System Recovery

AnyFix iOS System Recovery is a third-party tool that help users to fix iOS/iTunes/iPadOS/tvOS issues. Basically, this software, as the name implies, is developed to fix issues of all Apple devices without any data loss in just a few minutes. It is a safe tool for repairing your iOS system in all abnormal states, including device is disabled, can’t connect to iTunes, device won't turn on, stuck on Apple logo, device is frozen, keeps restarting, etc,. You will get your device in normal just a cup of coffee time.

*Repair common issues in Apple devices.
*Simple for beginners.
*Three repair modes.

*A paid tool, but offer for free trial.
*The price is a little expensive.

#7 - PhoneRescue iOS System Recovery

PhoneRescue iOS System Recovery is an excellent iOS system recovery software tool. Its operational simplicity, full compatibility, and absolute safety. Your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch can back to normal soon without data loss, after using this tool. This particular program is ideal enough to help repair different kinds of iOS issues, including stuck in DFU mode, stuck in Recovery mode, headphone mode, restart loop, update failure, device get frozen, etc,. It's compatible with all iOS versions (iOS 15 included) and iOS models without any problems.

*Safe to repair iOS system.
*Repair all kinds of iOS issues.
*Compatible with all iOS versions and iOS models.

*A paid tool, but offer for free trial.
*Take some time to finish repairing.

#8 - Primosync iOS System Recovery

The other alternative to repair iOS System is using Primosync iOS System Recovery. This tool has a high success rate when it come to fix iOS issues such as white screen death, fix DFU mode, device won't slide to unlock, tuck at Apple logo and more situations. Even though it allow for a smart recovery option, the user interface is friendly for easy operation. Additionally, it is compatible with the newest operating system or older, as well as working well in various iOS devices, including the latest iPhone 13.

*A high success rate in iOS system recovery.
Work in various operating systems.

A paid tool, but offer for free trial.
Require a larger space for the installation process.


Now you have known the pros and cons of the top 8 iOS System Recovery software. Hope you can select an appropriate one and get your device back to normal soon. Every software has its advantages and shortcomings. For being a good comparison with deep consideration to get the best choice and fix your iOS issue, we suggest you try the top 1 UkeySoft FoneFix. It can help to effectively fix iOS/iPadOS/tvOS to normal in all abnormal states at home efficiently, provide with the perfect solution for fixing without losing any data during the process. One click enter and exit Recovery mode, this program is capable to downgrade your iOS without jailbreak. The price is not as expensive as other iOS System Recovery software. It is more stable in the whole repairing process. All in all, while all iOS System Recovery software are unique in their efficiency and working performance, the best UkeySoft FoneFix is strongly recommended by the majority of Apple users. Just download UkeySoft program to have a try right now, and get your device in normal!

Top 8 iOS System Recovery Software Review


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