How To Password Protect Data on USB Disk, USB Flash Drive or Memory Stick

By Justin SabrinaUpdated on June 01, 2023

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Do you want to password protect data on external USB Disk, USB flash drive or memory stick? This article will teach you 4 effective ways to password protect your data/document/files on a USB drive or USB stick, you can easily password-protects your USB flash drive, memory card, thumb drive, pen drive, memory stick, external USB hard drive and other mobile portable storage devices.
Password Protect USB Drive

Q: How to Encrypt a USB Drive in Windows 11
There are many important and sensitive photos and videos in my USB drive. I want to keep them safe, is there any professional USB encryption to password to protect my USB flash drive?

USB drive is used in our daily lives widely, which is used to store, carry and share the digital document. What’s more, the USB drive has a small size for us to carry that make it becomes a convenient and important tool to use. However, there are many security concerns when we use USB drive. Have you thought what happen if the private documents or business secret in the USB drive be lost? It must become a huge disaster which we can not imagine and solve at that time. So password protect a USB drive must be realized for you. Now let me show you how to password protect a USB Drive?

This article summarizes four methods to teach you how to protect a USB drive on Mac and avoid your files and folders to leak. So how to encrypt a USB drive? If you are searching for the solutions to encrypt your USB drive, you can figure it out here. Reading this post is good for you to solve this problem.


Method 1:Password Protect a USB Drive with UkeySoft USB Encryption

Ukeysoft, as the name suggests, a software like a key to password protect your files or folders. UkeySoft File Lock compatible with Windows and Mac, both two program can hide and lock data on computer, if you want to password protect a USB flash drive, UkeySoft USB Encryption(Windows) and UkeySoft File Lock (Windows) can securely encrypt a USB flash drive.

It is something complicated to set a password for many MS office files, then, we need to enter password many times when we open many files.
For Windows user, you can easily password protect data on USB drive with UkeySoft File Locker(Windows) and UkeySoft USB Encryption(Windows).

For Mac users, you can hide and lock files & folder on Mac with UkeySoft File Lock(Mac).

Best USB Encryption Software to Password Protect Any USB Drive

UkeySoft USB Encryption is a professional USB Encryption software, which is special designed to encrypt USB flash drive and USB stick, it can works on Windows OS and easy to used, everyone can password protect a USB driver with ease.

Comparing with UkeySoft File Lock, the USB Encryption program can divide USB drive or external drive into two parts after encryption:

Secure Area: The data on the protected area (Secure area) is encrypted by 256-bits AES on-the-fly encryption, you need to enter a right password to access the secure area.

Public Area: Everyone can access public area and using this area freely.

UkeySoft USB Encryption software can convert a regular USB flash drive into a secured one in less than a minute. Please free download the program and try to encrypt your USB drive, SD card or any external USB drive.

Tutorial: Password Protect A USB Flash Drive

This guide teach you how to create secure area to encrypt a USB flash drive, USB disk, SD card, memory stick, etc.

Step 1. Download, Install UkeySoft USB Encryption
Download, install and launch the UkeySoft USB Encryption software on Windows PC.

After launching the program, you will get below interface.

Launch UkeySoft USB Encryption

Step 2. Run the Program and Insert a USB Flach Drive to PC
Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port of your computer.

Insert a USB Flach Drive to PC

Step 3. Select A USB Drive
The program automatically detects the USB flash drive, please choose a USB drive that you want to set password to protect.

Password Protect USB Drive

Step 4. Set Secure Area
Then, set the size of secure area.

Password Protect USB Drive

Step 5. Start Creating Secure Area
Click on the "Install" button to start creating secure area.

Password Protect USB Drive

The program start analyzing USB drive, please wait patiently.

Password Protect USB Drive

Tips: This action will kill a process in the list, please make sure your data has been saved. If you have backed up your data and still want to format your USB drive for creating secure area, please click "Confirm" button to continue.

Password Protect USB Drive

Make sure not programs are accessing this USB drive before clicking "Yes", just click "Yes" button.

Password Protect USB Drive

Step 6. Set a Password
Set a password of the secure area and click on the "OK" button.

Password Protect USB Drive

The program start to create a secure area of your USB flash drive, please wait.

Password Protect USB Drive

Well done, you have create a secure area in your USB drive with a password.

Password Protect USB Drive

Step 5. Open Secure Area
Well done! You have set secure and public area in your USB drive, you can open the secure area and add files/documents in here, this is the best way to protect some area in USB flash drive. In the public area, you can see a “agent.exe” application, double clicking “agent.exe” and type password to open the secure area.

Open Secure Area in USB Drive

Then, selecting one of a drive letter.

select a drive letter to Open Secure Area

As the below screenshot, you can access secure area after entering the password.

secure area and public area in usb drive

Now, you can add files to the secure area for protecting, no one can access the secure area without password.
Tips: Because the USB drive has been divided into two areas, you also go to your computer main panel, then double clicking “Secure Zone” to open the secure area of the USB drive.

open secure area in usb drive

Download the UkeySoft USB Encryption(Windows) and try to create secure area to protect your USB drive.

Method 2: Password Protect Microsoft Office Document on USB Drive

We often store MS office files in our USB drive which are word, excel, powerpoint. It is a good choice to set a password to protect your files with MS office. Then people can not access your files in the USB drive who do not know the right password. To do this, you can follow these steps below.

Step 1. Open your USB drive, and find the file you want to put a password to. Go to click the info under the file. Then, select the Protect Document, at last, select "Encrypt with Password".

password protect Microsoft Word Document on Mac

Step 2. Enter a password and confirm it before clicking OK.
After setting the password for files with MS Office, no one can view this file in USB drive without password. But if you have many files want to protect, you will need to set many passwords.

Enter a password to protect Microsoft Office Document On Mac

Method 3: How To Encrypt USB Flash Drive On Mac

FileVault is a disk encryption program in Mac OS X 10.3 (2003) and later. If you want to encrypt a USB drive on Macbook or iMac, you can use its own desk operate system, Mac offers FileVault feature to password protect a flash drive which it is a powerful security feature. This method is often used by mac book users to encrypt flash drive on a Mac. The detail is followed.

FileVault Encrypt USB Flash Drive

Step 1: Press "Command + Space" key and enter "Disk Utility", to open Disk Utility app;

Step 2: From the left sidebar, select your flash drive. Select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the file format, and click "Erase";

FileVault password protect USB Flash Drive On Mac

Step 3: Now you are ready to create a password protected USB drive. Simply right-click the drive in Finder, select Encrypt, and add a password.
Step 4: After a few minutes, you'll have an encrypted USB drive.

Method 4: Password Protect Files & Folders on Mac

UkeySoft File Lock (Mac) is a professional data encryption software, which is able to password protect a USB drive and hide file/folder on PC. It has a lot of features and gains favorable comment a lot. After encryption, no one can read the USB drive without a password and protects USB drive from forceful hacker attacks so that your sensitive or confidential information can stay security. With the help of UkeySoft File Lock, you can easily set a password to protect everything in USB drive, which is the security way to password protect a USB drive. You can totally trust Ukeysoft, because it uses AES 256-Bit military grade encryption algorithms which has powerful ability to protect your USB drive.

hide and lock files on Mac

Download UkeySoft File Lock for Windows and Mac:

The amazing features to protect your sensitive data:

  • Lock file, folder to against hacker and malware attacks.
  • Hide file or folder from the prying eyes.
  • Lock any USB flash drive to protect sensitive information.
  • Hide or lock files/folder on USB flash drive, or external hard drive.
  • Make your folders completely invisible and unsearchable.
  • Read-only:Protect your files and folders from being edited or deleted.
  • Easily to restore your password through the pre-defined email when forget your password.

Final talk

Nowadays everyone use a USB drive to store and carry digital information. Some information in the USB drive are private message or business secret which is easy to leak if you do not set a password to protect them. Therefore, it is urgent to password protect a USB drive. At the same time, password protect a USB drive is an important and well known thing. In this article, we are providing three methods to password protect a USB drive. There are three the most widely and convenient methods to encrypt and password protect a USB drive. It’s a simple USB drive encryption solution that everyone can do it, have you already confused how to password protect a USB drive? Here, you have come to the right place!

Encrypt USB Drive


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